Big Blue Safaris with Pharaoh Dive Club
We are very keen to give you a safari to remember and want to repeat time and time again. Like all good safari operators we offer a range of regular itineraries which cover all the standard Red Sea routes and dive sites. Where we are different is we dont like to dive in crowded spots and will avoid them whenever possible, often returning to the site when others have left. Sometimes this is not possible but it is possible to dive when the 'scheduled' tours have completed their dives and the waters are clear of other divers. The key to this highly successful way to safari is simply flexibility. We will dive all the key sites but not always in a set order. What we really like to do with full charters is to tailor a bespoke itinerary for you, you say what you want to do and where you want to go and we will offer some suggestions. Wherever possible, we will dive where you want to dive, and we will stay on a site as long as you want to stay. The only restriction to this flexibility is diver and the boats safety which is in every decision the primary concern. The tours shown below are simply a selection of regular programmes that we run, with a full charter, all can be modified to suit you.
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MY Big Blue is available for any itinerary in the Red Sea, we would be delighted to discuss exactly what you want from your trip and propose various options to achieve your dream safari.
Schedule of MY Big Blue Safaris
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