Trip Itinerary

Proposed Route: Strictly subject to weather conditions, alternative wrecks and sites maybe substituted. Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the boat for check-in. Day 2: After receiving approval by the coast guard we head North for suitable check dive site, followed by the first wrecks at Abu Nuhas . Weather permitting an overnight sail will take us to Zafrana. Day 3: Full days diving on the SS Turkia before overnight sailing south to Ras Gharib. Day 4: An area full of wreck diving opportunities including the SS Scalaria, MV Aboudy, HMS Nith, MV Bahr and MV Qtmos Day 5 Continuing south we reach Bluff Point where we dive the SS Rosalie Moller, SS Ulysses before heading over to the SS Thistlegorm one of the best known wrecks in the world. Day 6 After 2 morning dives on the SS Thistlegorm we sail back across the gulf to Abu Nuhas and the remaining wrecks. Day 7: An early start to allow us to dive two more wrecks at Abu Nuhas before sailing back for the final dive at El Mina and the T43 Minesweeper. Arrival back in the harbour in the late afternoon. Day 8: Departure, check-out and transfer to the Airport.
This itinerary is for all divers, yes you will dive almost exclusively on wrecks, but many of these are living reefs with astounding amounts of marine life. However if wrecks are your passion this is definitely for you! You could be diving on wrecks that in some cases have had virtually no other divers visit. Wrecks which have been lost and left for decades and longer. War casualties, marine time disasters and some simply disappeared below the seas. We will give you a full historical briefing on everyone wreck you dive on and will always be on the hunt for new discoveries. The latest of these is the MV Qtmos found in October 2016.
What is more you will have the wrecks to yourself as very few operators venture to the northern areas of the Gulf of Suez. If you have a group of tech qualified divers for deeper wrecks then there are some very special opportunities abound in the Northern Suez not least the HMS Nith lying on her side in 55m of water fully intact and ready to explore. For those interested in the marine life, the Gulf of Suez is an absolute treasure of discoveries, gone are the sea of orange Anthias replaced with their purple and yellow cousins. No more searching endlessly for Nudibranchs instead the multitude of sightings in these waters is simply outstanding. The large seasonal temperature swings in the gulf waters give raise to a completely different eco-system to that which is found everywhere else in the Red Sea. It’s a voyage of discovery!
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