Trip Itinerary
Proposed Route: Strictly subject to weather conditions, alternative sites maybe substituted. Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the boat and check-in. Day 2: After receiving approval by the coast guard we head South for suitable check dive site followed by 1 or 2 more dives at other diving spots, before crossing to Daedalus overnight. Day 3: Waking up at Daedalus Reef, we dive all day around the reef taking in all areas. That evening sailing deep south to Rocky Island. Day 4: After 2 dives at Rocky we make the short hop back north to Zabargad Island for the 3rd dive and overnight. Day 5: 2 more dives in the morning at Zabargad and then we sail north to Ras Banas area, for our afternoon dive. That evening we begin the sail north to the Fury Shoals area overnight. Day 6: With a wide variety of options in the shoals we complete 3 dives while continuing to head north to our over night mooring. Day 7: An early morning hop to Elphinstone Reef, with2 dives in Elphinstone Reef, heading back to the harbour around 5:00 pm. Day 8: Departure, check-out and transfer to the Airport
Why do divers choose Daedalus Reef - Rocky Island - Zabargad? It is simply absolutely world class diving for the experienced diver. The highlights are hard to mention as there are so many, amazing walls and reefs covered by unspoiled hard and soft corals, beautiful coral gardens, caverns, wrecks and of course the pelagic species. Hammerheads, Grey Reef, White Tip Reef, Thresher, Oceanic White Tip even Whale sharks are all possible! Dolphins, Turtles, Manta Rays the list goes on!
Daedalus reef is a huge reef around 160km south-east of Port Ghalib in a National Park. All side of Daedalus are deep plunging walls with an incredible variety of corals and marine life. To the southern end is a small plateau which is often a hive of activity. The highlight of Daedalus is the chance to swim with a school of Hammerhead sharks that call the northern head their home. Rocky Island is located another 250km south of Daedalus reef. This protected but small island is a cauldron of unexpected surprises. Its location off south of the Banas peninsula gives rise to quasi-permanent currents that attract a multitude of visitors. Zabargad Island just 3km north of Rocky Island is Utopia, offering everything you could wish for in abundance. Mooring is on the south side of the island, outside the large blue lagoon formed by miles of unbroken spectacular barrier reef that is perforated with a maze of caverns.
On the outside the reef, the bottom slopes away to a drop off starting at 30 plus meters providing the perfect avenue for passing pelagics in particular Oceanic White Tip sharks in search of a temporary home under the boat. If that isn’t enough there is also the Russian Spy Ship wreck waiting to be explored. The tour doesn't end in the south, there are still plenty of amazing dives to be made on the route north, including the famous Elphinstone reef with a final chance for more pelagic encounters. A life time of memories in one safari!
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