Trip Itinerary
Proposed Route: Strictly subject to weather conditions, alternative sites maybe substituted. Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the boat and check-in. Day 2: After receiving approval by the coast guard we head to a suitable check dive site followed by weather permitting a fast track over to the spectacular SS Thistlegorm for 2 more dives and possibly a night dive. Day 3: Its an early start to dive Ras Mohammed and move on to the stunning Straits of Tiran. That evening we sailing through the night to the Brothers Islands. Day 4: Big Brother offers diving opportunities for wrecks, reefs and the blue. Having spent the day diving we move across to Little Brother. Day 5: The day is spent diving around the amazing Little Brother. That evening we cross back to the mainland at Safaga. Day 6: So often overlooked Safaga offers superb reef diving sites and several wrecks. Panorama, Abu Kafan, Shab Cloude, Salem Express, Gamul Soraya and many more offer a fantastic choice. We overnight we sail back north to Hurghada area. Day 7: We spend the last day at the best sites Hurghada has to offer, we arrive back at the harbour around 5:00 pm. Day 8: Departure, check-out and transfer to the Airport
This is not the regular North Tour that all boats offer infinitum, there are far too many great dive sites available to stick to the well-trodden routes of others! As with all our itineraries flexibility is a key factor, we have a route but we haven’t a fixed schedule, we will dive the best spots, away from the crowds and suited to the needs of the group. After a check dive at Shaab El Erg where we hope to dive with dolphins before heading across the gulf to dive the amazing SS Thistlegorm and night dive around Shaab Mahmoud.
At first light it’s a short hop to Ras Mohammed National Park and the Straits of Tiran, where we will spend the day diving the world famous sites. Its then an overnight sail south to the Brothers Islands. Brothers Islands provides the variety on this exclusively wall diving programme. Perched on the northern point of Big Brother lies the sloping wreckage of the Numidia providing a spectacular burst of colour and shape to the reef. Around the corner on the western side is a second wreck, the Adia, this is in depths that beckons exploration by tech divers who can enter the wreck at 60m and swim up an out at around 30m. Little Brother has its features too, the northern ledge provides a platform for watching out in to the blue where hammerheads and other pelagics frequent. The southeast Gorgonian forest is another spot not to be missed.
From the Brothers we sail across to Safaga which provides a range of excellent sites with plenty of variety. We start the morning on the Salem Express wreck and continue to one of many fabulous reef sites, all teeming with life and colour. That evening we head back north towards Hurghada. The last days diving is around Hurghada where we will chose form the best sites of Hurghada for 2 dives before heading to the harbour in the late afternoon.
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